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Our consultation service for businesses allows our consultants to assess your organisation to ensure you meet the basic requirements and determine your eligibility to apply for sponsor licence which enables you to recruit workforce globally.

Companies looking for the right talent for their organisation can sometimes find that they need to sponsor a foreign skilled worker from overseas to join their team.

Our highly experienced UK Immigration Consultants will manage every step of the application process as below:

  1. Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT)– Assist and support you to carry out a compliant RLMT (if appropriate)
  2. Sponsor Licence –  Apply on your behalf and represent you to the UK Visas & Immigration to obtain a sponsor licence which will open your company up to be able to transfer talent to the UK, sponsor foreign employees and recruit globally.
  3. Certificate of Sponsorship – We will assist you to ensure you select the right SOC codes and obtain Certificates of Sponsorship for your successful employee(s)
  4. UK Visa Application – We will prepare, apply  and represent your employee’s visa to enter or remain in the UK.

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Sponsor License


Employers who wishes to recruit a worker from abroad must firstly obtain a Sponsor Licence from the UK Visas &Immigration (UKVI). Once the licence is obtained, the organisation will be able to issue Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to potential employees.

Potential employees will then have to satisfy the criteria for the visa they are applying for such as Tier 2 General.

Obtaining the Licence

The rules and documents required for an organisation to obtain a licence are complicated and vary according to the precise type of organisation and which categories of worker they wish to be able to employ. After obtaining the licence, there are various procedures and duties which the organisation must follow.

The basic requirements are:

  1. You are a legitimate organisation working within the law in the United Kingdom.
  2. There are no reasons to believe that your organisation and hiring processes are a threat to UK immigration control.
  3. Your organisation is committed to fulfilling its sponsorship duties.

We offer an extensive range of corporate immigration services that ensures that our clients meet and comply with the sponsorship requirements and UK immigration laws. Our services include assistance and representation with:

  • Obtaining Sponsor Licenses
  • Carrying out Resident Labour Markest Tests (RLMT).
  • Requesting and assigning Sponsorship Certificates.
  • Compliance Audits.
  • Audit recommendation process/project implementation.
  • Setting up a Branch of your Company in the UK.
  • Relocating Services for your employee.

We also support your staff with their specific visa. Please see our work visa pages for information on how we represent your staff with their visa applications.

Please contact us for information on the full rules regarding your precise situation, the details of how to show that you meet the above criteria and which documents are needed.