We want to see every international student registered on our platform get a graduate job and transition to a Tier 2 sponsored role enabling them to get on the path to settlement in the UK.


The goal of our Graduate Management Scheme is to provide a community where students in the UK will get information, professional support and advise on how to transit from being a student to getting a job that will provide Tier 2 sponsorship paving the way for the journey towards settlement in the UK. We will also discuss other pathways/choices open to them as new immigration categories are launched.


International students are obviously aware that it is challenging to get a sponsored job and subsequently a Tier 2 visa in the UK. Statistics shows that it’s just 2% of the population of International students that gets a job and are able to transition to working in the UK after their studies.

While obtaining a Tier 2 sponsored role is one of the biggest challenges faced by Tier 4 students, too often, we see students compound this issue by leaving their applications till it is too late, applying for a job that eventually can’t or won’t sponsor them, spend their student year(s) without professional support and advice which leads to an uninspiring return home at the end of their studies (for those who plan to stay beyond their studies).

Why Is Securing Tier 2 Sponsored Job A Challenge for Tier 4 Students?

From our research and experience we found out that students are busy with a lot of course work, revising for exams, and trying to maintain a social life. This indicates that an average international student already has a lot of responsibility on them in keeping up with their primary assignment in the UK; which is crucial to satisfy the conditions of their student leave in the UK.

Also, a significant number of students have never filled a job application form for a job in the UK, taken an online test or been to an assessment center. How could international students prepare for this when they already have so much to do with their course work?

We would like to let you know that you are not alone. We are aware that adequate support is needed by UK’s international students in order to successfully obtain a job that will lead them to work and settle successfully in the UK beyond their studies. That is why we have dedicated this platform where individuals of like mind and in similar circumstances can share their experiences and get support from our pool of professionals.

Our aim is to provide advisory and coaching services to students who are already studying in one of the UK universities in an undergraduate, graduate or post graduate capacity. Our scheme enables them to be best placed to secure a role with a UK organization/sponsor under the Tier 2 visa category, leading them to a smooth transition to working and living in the UK and ultimately settlement in the UK.

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