Great News for Students coming to the UK

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Planning on studying in the UK

Good News! – The United Kingdom is opening its doors again to students from Nigeria after the total lockdown following Covid 19.

The Visa Application centres in Lagos and Abuja have re-opened their doors and although their services are limited, the encouraging news is that they have increased the number of appointments specifically for students.

With travel still disrupted its important not to apply for your visa if you are unsure of your travel arrangements, but another new rule change means that you can now start your studies remotely without having an approved Tier-4 Visa.

More encouraging change has been the extension of time on vignettes from 30 days to 90 days, allowing for greater flexibility in booking your travel to the UK. With all this positive news, there has not been a better time to speak to us about applying for your Tier-4 Visa to study in the UK.

Already Graduated in the UK

There is good news too if you have already graduated either with an undergraduate degree, a masters or PhD. The UK government has implemented a new graduate route which enables you to stay in the UK for 2 years to continue studying or to work, if you have completed an undergraduate or Masters, and 3 years for anyone who has completed a PhD.

More than ever it is time for students to select UK universities as their place of choice to study and take advantage of fulfilling their goal of studying, working, living, and contributing to the UK economy. Contact us now, to apply for your university place and visa or book an appointment HERE to have a consultation with one of our advisors.

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