Study Visas

TIER 4 Student​

This visa is for applicants with an offer of a place at a UK educational institution. There are two types:  General and Child (for school students studying at an independent school).

Basic Rules Overview

There are two fundamental requirements:

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS): You must have an offer of a place to study from a licensed sponsor. The sponsor is the educational institution you will be studying at.

Maintenance: You must possess a certain amount of funds to support yourself (and any dependants) in the UK.

There are various rules governing the types of courses which are acceptable, the applicant’s suitability to undertake them, and the number of hours of study.

Successful applicants are allowed to work a certain number of hours. Married applicants are allowed to bring their spouse (and dependants), but fiancés and partners are not permitted.

Please contact us for information on the full rules regarding your precise situation, the details of how to show that you meet the above criteria and which documents are needed.

Extension of this visa

The visa is valid for the length of the course undertaken, plus a short time afterwards. It may be extended by making a new application for a new course, but this type of visa cannot be used as a route to obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain.